APIs for WordPress

One of the great calls to WordPress is the ability to "do anything" we make that possible by creating advanced plugins.
About us

We make custom plugins for WordPress allowing you freedom and scalability.

We are community and developer house dedicated to expanding wordpress by developing cool APIs. If you need a custom api developed we can help, let’s talk!


Allows you to send deep links through any email platform which can automatically log a user in allowing easy access to walled garden content. 

Universal Compatibility

Unlike other ERP integrations ours is developer first, simply configure your api request, built on the universal framework of REST

Session Management

Prevent users from sharing accounts by preparing login links which automatically log users out of other devices.


Simply enter our email and receive an immediate email with a unique login link. Allowing you to easily login to WordPress.

Universal Email Preference Center

Help users to manage their email preferences on  ActiveCampaign and Iterable.  

Universal Compatibility

Coming Soon, similar to Magic Login you will simply configure your API request, built on the universal framework of REST

User Detection

We listen for user email, campaign and event parameters to create a smooth customer experience.

Custom CSS

We have a host of custom display features built in you can override any text, switch from dingy text boxes, to smooth sliders.


Easily the most powerful aspect of our API’s is our goal to provide universal compatibility for all tools and functionalities. In the way Magic Login is Universally compatible we aim to make all of our apps Universally compatible.