Magic Login API

Magic Login

A WordPress Plugin sophisticated WP Sites which host private content

One feature wordpress has is the ability to log in, that applies for yes the admins to create content. But it can also apply for customers to read content, private content held behind a firewall.

This is the world of membership content sites.
Magic Login allows you to create deep linked autologin links through your ESP Allowing you to send password protected content to your users using deep links.



Instead of having to remember your password in order to log into wordpress simply enter your email. WordPress or your ESP will send you a Login Email. Just click to login, - No Passwords.

Deep Link Login

Create an email in your ESP of choice like mailchimp, husbpot, or iterable.... it can be a marketing email, like an upsell. When the user clicks on that link they are logged in to wordpress and taken directly to a hidden page of your choice.

Single Use Login

Have protected content but would also like your mailing list to read it? Send a single use Deep Link once the user clicks on it they are logged in just to view that page once.

Session Invalidation

With so many password links getting sent by email you may be concerned about abuse... With session invalidation users are booted from any other logged in devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Simple login with email?

This is the most straight forward feature to implement after you have installed Magic login, simply navigate to ANY page and drop this short code [magic-login] when the page loads users can submit their email address and receive a unique one time or may use login link. 

IOne time vs Many Use?

In the pro version you can change how login tokens work. Do you want them to last 30 days? Do you want a login to automatically log users out of other devices? Do you want other password links to break once one is used. Anything is possible.

ESP Integration ?

Send an email from an ESP like ActiveCampaign using our universal ESP Integration. Enter your API details and submit a request to update your user profiles with a direct login link. 

Use Case - 'I want to invite my editors to write'

Send users a deep link directly to the posts section of your WordPress backend. Content writers no longer have to think about remembering their passwords. They just get an email, click and write – automagic login. 

Can I get some setup help?

Absolutely, we know that the Magic Login API is an advanced plugin that is why your purchase comes with a one hour Zoom setup session, and unlimited email and forum support. 

Use Case - 'Users who bought the course cannot login'

When selling info products it can be so very difficult to get people logged in, when in the middle of a careful sales funnel do you really want to set passwords? NO! Instead just email them a login link – or pass the login link directly from the members area to your shop subdomain. 

Do you have any question?

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