Safeguard any API Key!

We can not sugar coat this, API keys need to be protected! It is just too easy for your to accidentally install a plugin which gets hacked, leak a password, or simply speaking get hacked. 

Deploy our Netlify API Mask for Free

One Issue with APIs is that they tend to have allot of power, you can create accounts, delete accounts, download entire lists, delete entire lists, send emails, reply to emails… anything! And there is no way to tell how specific keys are getting used, or what they are getting used for!

Create a whitelist

Set your servers IP as the only authorized user of a particular API Key. 

build authorized scopes

With hundreds of commands available restrict your API key to only authorized commands. 

Set Rate Limits

Prevent attacks by setting a limit to how much an api can be used for, get a log of each api call to look and look for patterns of abuse.