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Easily allow your users to manage their contact and messaging preferences.

Universal Email Preference Center

WordPress Plugin for Email Preferences

An Email Preference center for Iterable and ActiveCampaign which works smoothly.
Help your users to manage their email preferences with ease. Installation takes 5 minutes and unsubscribes become magically dynamic!


Email Detection

The plugin listens to the utm parameters so the plugin is able to automatically grab list subscriptions and show them to the user.

Display Preferences

Customize your display preferences in ways ranging from changing their names, to choosing what lists are displayed, suppressed or required.

Custom Styles

Easily style your preference center to match your website, or change the email list name and description to be more appealing.

Coming Soon.

The preference center is stable and was built with compatibility and expandability in mind. Request compatibility and we will make it happen.

Download the Universal Email Preference Center Here!


Allows you to import your users subscription preferences and deploy them to your website with a simple short code.


Includes extra features allowing you to change the display name of your list, reverse click logic, suppress lists, and use toggles instead of checkboxes.

Protect your API Keys!

APIs are powerful, and in the wrong hands they can be dangerous! For an added layer of security deploy our API mask on Netlify. It sits between WordPress, and your ESP restricting the API calls which are possible to be made and develops audit logs to enable you to deter hackers. 

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